In the area of education we help institutions to develop international markets by identifying opportunities for recruiting target profile students and connecting with prospective associates such as student recruitment agencies and local educational institutions.


We also help to establish connections and cooperation with national or local governments and education authorities which are interested in attracting foreign institutions as partners for their development programmes or for the local universities and colleges. In particularly we work with the countries of Central Asia and wider region of Russia & CIS which introduced attractive conditions for the established educational institutions from abroad.


Possible areas of cooperation in the region:


Partnering with the local education institution for teacher training and student exchange

Developing joint education projects or programmes

Providing expertise on the country/region level acting as a partner for the government which objective is to raise standards of national education system and English language teaching as its integral part

Opening branch campus in the country using favourable conditions and support of the current government programmes.


Depending on your Institution’ priorities and objectives we will effectively work with you as your business development arm using our experience-based knowledge of the market and local business culture, own methodology and connections in order to:

  • Identify relevant opportunities and local partners
  • Establish communication and interest to collaborate
  • Connect with your Institution
  • Plan and organise promotional visits
  • Arrange meetings and presentations for selected prospective partners and authorities
  • Provide support by our bilingual English/Russian language team.